XRP/USD listed on BITNEXT as a new currency pair!

XRP (Ripple) has been listed on BITNEXT as a new currency pair.

This means you can now trade in XRP/USD!


About XRP?

Ripple is the name of Ripple Labs Inc. that develops and provides RippleNet, an international money transfer platform for interbank remittances.

XRP is a crypto currency used on RippleNet, and XRP is also called Ripple.

Ripple is a comprehensive solution for interbank remittances developed by Ripple, Inc. based in the United States.

Ripple's goal is to integrate payment protocols that differ from country to country on a global scale, making all "value" as cheap and ubiquitous as email and information.

Unlike Bitcoin (BTC), the virtual currency XRP is developed by Ripple, a private company, and the amount of XRP issued is set at 100 billion XRP.

You can get a $20 worth gift if you open an account now!