【BITNEXT official】What kind of system is the Reward Program that gives you luxurious prizes?

Do you know RewardProgram?

Reward Program is the best program to reward your trading fees!

As the price of cryptocurrencies soars transaction fees have also doubled or even tripled

BITNEXT not only has a low transaction fee, but on top of that, we return part of it to the user

Becase BITNEXT is a platform for traders!

Now for all the traders on BITNEXT, we will explain about the Reward Program

What is the Reward Program?

BITNEXT grants Reward Points to traders for each trade.

The points awarded based on the transaction volume are as follows

Trading volume ※Taker trading only Point
1000USD 1
5000USD 5
10000USD 10
100000USD 100

As you carry out your usual trades, points will naturally accumulate, which you can exchange for luxurious prizes!

You can work hard trading to accumulate points, or you can hold on to your points. Nevertheless, you can trade happily through BITNEXT Reward Program

How to join the Reward Program

Joining the Reward Program is simple and easy. Here's the step by step guide

  1. Create a BITNEXT account
  2. Conduct Trades
  3. Accumulate Points
  4. Exchange your points at the point store

There isn't much difficult steps, but we'll explain

Create a BITNEXT account

First off, let's create a BITNEXT account. This can be completed in just 3 minutes

For detailed method of opening an account, please refer to the following article

Conduct trades

Trade as usual!

However, points will only accumulate in Taker trading

BITNEXT has a Maker fee of 0% as well as no transaction fees, so you can earn Reward points when you pay fee on a Taker transaction

Accumulate points

Accumulate points

Current Reward point total can be seen here


Exchange Reward Points at the point store

Point store will be released soon

Please wait until release

However, there are prizes that can be exchanged currently, we will explain

Prizes that can be exchanged currenly with the Reward Program

Currently, there are 19 different prizes available

We will introduce the current ones available (as of December 1, 2021)

From the latest Apple products to cars and trips, there are many luxurious prizes available.

Out recommendation is of course a car!
Just by carrying out trading as usual, you have a chance to get these grand prizes!

Definitely take advantage of this opportunity!

Things to note regarding the Reward Program

Lastly, here are the points to note in the Reward Program.

✔️Eligibility for the Reward Program

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • The account has been created in accordance with BITNEXT's terms and conditions

✔️Conditions for points

  • 1 point is awarded for 1000 USD traded
  • Points are awarded only to Taker orders
  • Points are only valid for 2 years

✔️When points are awarded

  • Points earned will automatically be awarded every day at 6:00 Singapore time (7:00 BST), based on the volume traded on BITNEXT during 0:00 and 23:59 Singapore time (1:00-24:59 JST) of the day prior.

✔️Change or removal of rewards

  • BITNEXT may, in its sole discretion, modify or remove products available for exchange in the point store

BITNEXT is not responsible for any losses caused by any troubles, including the unauthorized exchange of points
Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.