Explains how to deposit and

How to deposit money in BITNEXT account

Deposit procedures to Bitnext consists of 5 steps♪

  1.  Go to trade screen of the website
  2.  Go to "coin input/output" and select "deposit"
  3. Scan a QR code or an address you acquired in Bitnext’s website in your outside account
  4. Decide the unit of BTC you want to deposit
  5. Deposit complete

BITNEXT administers the transactions of "BTC/USD" and "ETH/USD"

In the occasion of deposit, you have to send BTC from other exchange accounts


First, log in Bitnext

After you sign in, trading screen appears. Click "Coin input/output" on the screen.

Then, click on "deposit".

Scan a QR code or an address in your own outside account.

Scan the QR or the address you issued in BITNEXT!

Reading the QR is generally more simple , But in case it doesn’t work, using the address is also fine.

Decide the unit of BTC you want to deposit.

Enter the amount you want to deposit in your outside account. As an important note,

Deposit below 0.00001BTC will not be reflected to your balance (as of 2021/5/19).

 Deposit complete

Now, you have completed the deposit. The procedures would not take more than 3 minutes.

The simple procedure is one of the outstanding parts of our service.

The deposit will be reflected in about 20 minutes. It is designed to be reflected in short amount of time,

but the time varies depending on the situation of currency’s acceptance as a block.

We advice you to allow for the variability in time and completing the deposit in advance.

In case your deposit is not reflected...

We’ll explain how to deal when your deposit is not reflected.

Email the customer support through Contact form in Bitnext’s website.

Explain that your deposit is not reflected, and the operator will come help you promptly. Our window is open 24/7.

Customer Support Contact:customer@blog.bit-next.com

About Deposit Fee

You have to pay a withdrawal fee (mining fee) when you transfer a cryptocurrency out from Bitnext("Gas Fee" in ETH)

To compare and examine the best exchange to deposit the money from,

We researched the costs of transfer fees of several different exchanges.

Feel free to use the list below to find your suitable exchange!

*Bitnext does not charge deposit fee

 Thus, you only have to pay your outside account a transfer fee when depositing money into Bitnext

Exchanges Transfer fee
Binance 0.0005
FTX 無料
Bybit 0.0005
OKEX 0.0005
Huobi 0.0005
BitFliyer 0.0004

How to withdraw money from Bitnext

First, we will look at the entire picture of the process ♪

  1. Issue an address from your outside account
  2. Go to "Register withdrawal address" in Bitnext and scan the address
  3. Press "withdraw" and decide the amount you want to withdraw
  4. Withdrawal complete

Like we did in the explanation of deposit process, we’ll take a closer look into each process of withdrawal procedure!

Obtain address from the outside account

First, issue an address from the exchange account you want to transfer your money into

Read the address in Bitnext from "Register withdrawal address"

After you log in to Bitnext, go to "Input/Output money" and choose "Register withdrawal address"

Enter the address here

Go to "Withdraw" and confirm the amount you want to withdraw

After you register your address, go to "Input/Output money" and choose "Withdraw"

Enter the amount of BTC you want to withdraw, and choose the address you just registered. Your withdrawal procedure is complete.

Withdrawal Fee

Transaction fee occurs when you withdraw money from Bitnext.

The fee is fixed at 0.0004BTC no matter how much you withdraw (as of 2021/5/27)

so be mindful of your balance before you start the process.


So far, we have looked at how to deposit in and withdraw currency from Bitnext.

These processes are simple and can be done in short amount of time.

Our service is friendly for beginners and amateurs, not to mention pro traders, so we hope you’ll try it out!

You can create your account from the form below.

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