【BITNEXT official】How to create an account

How to create an account in Bitnext

We will explain how to open a BITNEXT account and the procedure step by step.

  1. Open the "Create an account" form in Bitnext
  2. Set up an email address and a password
  3. Check the email, and enter the verification code
  4. Account establishment complete

Open the "Create an account" form in Bitnext

First, open the Bitnext’s website.

Press "sign up" and enter your email address and password

You’ll see this screen when you open the website.

You can start registeration from the "sign up" button in the middle of the screen.
Essentially, you only need two information to complete the registration.
  • Email address
  • Password

Check the email and enter the verification code

After entering your email address and password, verification code will be sent to your email address.

Enter that code in the website.

If you didn’t receive a verification code...
①Confirm if the email address you entered is correct.
②If your email address is correct and you still don’t receive an email, send a message to the customer support from "Contact" form in Bitnext’s website.

Account establishment complete

If you’ve reached this step, your registration is complete.

About the submission of ID

Although Bitnext does not require the submission of ID, there are big differences in the withdrawal that are available to you between submitting and not submitting the ID.

☑️ Sign-up bonus

If you submit your ID when creating your account, you’ll receive $20 worth BTC as a gift.
Be sure to submit your ID so you can do a trial trade with the bonus BTC.

Several notes about the bonus

・This campaign covers all trading accounts

・The bonus applies only once for each account holder. You will not receive a bonus even if you create an additional account.

・Those who received a sign-up bonus in the past is not eligible for the ongoing campaign.
The campaign neither apply for those who deleted their current account and opened a new account.

・You cannot withdraw the bonus .

☑️ withdrawal limits for accounts with/ without ID submission

The biggest element that differs depending on your ID submission is "the daily limit of currency withdrawal"

Daily withdrawal limit

・With ID submission: 100BTC
・Without ID submission: 2BTC/1日

We recommend getting the ID submission done at the same time you create your account.
We’ve summarized below how to submit your ID.

How to submit the ID


  1. The ID submission procedure is as below.
  2.  Go to "Authentication setting" from the website menu and choose "personal identification"
  3. Select your country of residence
  4. Enter your name
  5. Enter your home address
  6. Enter your date of birth
  7.  Upload your ID

①Go to "Authentication setting" from the website menu and choose "personal identification"
First, click the menu, "Authentication Setting" in the website

You’ll see "Security" and "Personal Identification." Choose "Personal Identification."

②Choose your country of residence
Next, choose the country of your residence. The countries are ordered alphabetically.

③Enter your name
Enter your name.

④ Enter your home address.
Then, you will enter your home address. If you live in a rental housing, be sure to enter the name of the building as well.

⑤Enter your date of birth
Enter your date of birth.

⑥Upload your ID
The list below are the documents that are valid as an ID.

  • Driver License
  • Residency Card
  • Passport

You will need the photos of both sides of the driver license and the residency card , while you need the photos of the page of your head shot and the page with the name of the card’s holder if you are using a passport.

Choose the ID you will upload. Don’t forget to upload the photos of every page you need.

Photos that are dim or blur may not be recognized. Choose photos that are bright and clear.

It only took about 5 minutes to complete these processes.

The ID will be approved within 24 hours. We recommend finishing this process as early as possible.


In this chapter, we have introduced "how to create an account" and "how to submit your ID" in Bitnext.

In Bitnext, anyone can create an account with an email address.

With "various supportive functions for traders," "Guild platform" and "Reward Program,"

Bitnext is an exchange dedicated to serve the traders.。

We hope you enjoy your trading experience in our service♪

\You can get a $20 worth gift if you open an account now!